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Darrell Ulm: Computer Science and Software Development

Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Apache Spark, C/C++, Unity3d / C#, Graphics, Open Source Software, Signal Processing, Assembly Language, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Software Development

Quick review and overview of development and major site profiles evaluated, more details in the blog posts:
The micro blog: TwitterPossibly the most complex content management system (CMS): DrupalGit code repository with the best front end, Ruby implementation: GitHub Excellent Apache Spark in the cloud with an Amazing notebook style front ent: DatabricksHadoop and more Hadoop, HortonworksTumblr is interesting, like Twitter meets Wordpress, somewhat: Darrell Ulm Tumblr siteWordpress is great and has been putting in all types of cool enhancements in the past years, and is really widespread: Darrell Ulm Wordpress profileFind answers, ask question about tech and about many useful things, in this case for Drupal: StackExchange Drupal, Darrell Ulm ProfileAn older site for open source code, have some small code exerc…