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Drupal 7 EOL and how long will Drupal 9 be Supported

 How long will Drupal 9 be supported.   Currently it is 2023. This is a question site owners and builders of Drupal need to ask. While that seems a long way off, and upgrading from Drupal 8 to 9 is relatively easy compared to previous upgrades from 5 to 6 and 6 to Drupal 7.  Where does this leave us with all the Drupal 7 sites which need to be upgraded to Drupal 9? The year is 2022 as Drupal 7 keeps getting to stay around for just a bit longer to help developers and owners get upgraded. Drupal 8 and 9 are really coming into their own in recent years, and Drupal 8 had great enhancements comparatively to Drupal 7, and the contributed modules are looking in good shape for the future of Drupal.
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Modules Available for Drupal 9

Drupal 9 is here , and there are already some useful modules available for the newest stable version of Drupal. Right now for Drupal 9 there is Admin_Toolbar, Redirect, Paragraphs, Metatag, SimpleXML Sitemap, Field Group, Ctools, Entity Browser, Embed, Webform, Entity API, IMCE, Google Analytics, External Links, XML Sitemap, Focal Point, Acquia Connector, and looks like the list just keeps going. For the module search I used "Stable Release" which means it looks like Drupal 9 is really forward compatible from Drupal 8!

ORCId for Research Publications

Found out that is an interesting researcher, research publication database (here for me, Darrell Ulm)   and this tool looks like it has much potential, and allows fine control over how research elements are entered and other details. This is a research listing site that has many useful options and interesting that did not find it until recently.

Python for Data Science

Looking at more resources online for Python for Data Science. There are many good resources available. Of course the main tools are:  Numpy ,  Pandas ,  MathPlotLib ,  SkiKit-Learn  has some amazing tools. Kaggle  for instance has Data Science contents, but good to install a local system like the  Jupyter Notebook  to speed things up as the Kaggle editor can lag and take some time to run on small data-sets. The newer  DataCamp  has some neat tutorials on it and simple App to do daily exercises on your mobile device. Here is the  Python DataScience Handbook . Really useful. A short tutorial:  Learn Python for Data Science , a fun read. A list of cool  DataSci tutorials is here , and another how to get started with  Python for DS . Will add more later.

Linux, Drupal, PHP, Technical Notes from Tumblr

This is a list of tech notes from Tumblr mainly for Drupal, PHP and Symfony PHP Framework. Some Linux server setup as well. Drupal 8 alpha release for Google Books Text Filter Module Ubuntu 16.04 Setup Gnome Flashback Gnome Flashback Move Menu Bar to Bottom of Screen Install Webmin to Ubuntu 16.04 Install Google Chrome amd64 on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Install PHP on Linux Install Drush for Drupal via Composer Install Composer on Linux Download and Install Drupal 8 with Details Install MySQL Workbench on Ubuntu 16.04 Turn on the PHP 7 OpCode Cache Nice tutorial for SSL for Apache2 on Ubuntu 16.04 Memcached on Ubuntu 16.04 Drupal 7 Performance Optimizations Varnish Setup Instructions for Drupal 7 and more Performance Links PHP Versions Fast Switch Between Drupal 7 CKEditor Module with Simple Image Upload Drupal 7 Block Caching API, Configurations and Modules Drupal 8 Data Migration Information Drupal 8 API : Custom Module Development in PHP HTML Archive Methods and Softw

Catch up on Drupal and Ubuntu Linux Posts

Catching up here on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux setup and also Drupal posts, below are some links of compilations of documentation, tutorials and threads about web-development topics. Drupal 8 Development in PHP Migration Tutorials for Drupal 8 (from Drupal 7 primarily or other systems) Technical Notes for Config of Drupal 7 For Ubuntu 16 Setup Notes for Web Development System There are some I missed on the Tumblr site, but I can add more later when time.