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Darrell Ulm Git Hub Profile Page

This is the software development profile page of Darrell Ulm for GitHub including projects and code for these languages C, C++, PHP, ASM, C#, Unity3d and others.

Here is the link:

The content can be found at these other sites: Profile, Wordpress, and Tumblr.

Certainly we're seeing more and more projects on Github or moving there and wondering how much of the software project domain they currently have percentage-wise.

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A way to Merge Columns of DataFrames in Spark with no Common Column Key

Made post at Databricks forum, thinking about how to take two DataFrames of the same number of rows and combine, merge, all columns into one DataFrame. This is straightforward, as we can use the  monotonically_increasing_id() function to assign unique IDs to each of the rows, the same for each Dataframe. It would be ideal to add extra rows which are null to the Dataframe with fewer rows so they match, although the code below does not do this. Once the IDs are added, a DataFrame join will merge all the columns into one Dataframe. # For two Dataframes that have the same number of rows, merge all columns, row by row. # Get the function monotonically_increasing_id so we can assign ids to each row, when the # Dataframes have the same number of rows. from pyspark.sql.functions import monotonically_increasing_id #Create some test data with 3 and 4 columns. df1 = sqlContext.createDataFrame([("foo", "bar","too","aaa"), ("bar&qu

Python for Data Science

Looking at more resources online for Python for Data Science. There are many good resources available. Of course the main tools are:  Numpy ,  Pandas ,  MathPlotLib ,  SkiKit-Learn  has some amazing tools. Kaggle  for instance has Data Science contents, but good to install a local system like the  Jupyter Notebook  to speed things up as the Kaggle editor can lag and take some time to run on small data-sets. The newer  DataCamp  has some neat tutorials on it and simple App to do daily exercises on your mobile device. Here is the  Python DataScience Handbook . Really useful. A short tutorial:  Learn Python for Data Science , a fun read. A list of cool  DataSci tutorials is here , and another how to get started with  Python for DS . Will add more later.

ORCId for Research Publications

Found out that is an interesting researcher, research publication database (here for me, Darrell Ulm)   and this tool looks like it has much potential, and allows fine control over how research elements are entered and other details. This is a research listing site that has many useful options and interesting that did not find it until recently.